“People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.”Norman Vincent Peale


Marie-Nadia Vincent (www.mnvincent.com)
"After searching for a branding expert to guide me in expressing my uniqueness in my business, I met Benoit and after a consultation, we started a one to one approach that lasted some months. His approach revealed things I did not know about myself, things I knew very well about myself and it went far as revealing things that were so profound that I had forgot about or thought that no longer exist. At time, it was so profound and true that I found myself laughing my head off or struggling to hold my tears...
Benoit has been very understanding, patient, reliable, persistent, respectful and reassuring during our collaboration. He believes strongly in what he offers and has the right attitude of the coach who patiently guides you to see the solution yourself instead of telling you. He takes pride in his client’s satisfaction. I keep Benoit as one person with whom I would like to continue doing business with and I recommend Benoit for his branding services."

Waldemar Kamer (www.kamer.fr)
"Merci à Benoit pour sa vision large et son calme légendaire quand tout semble embrouillé. Sous sa direction, j’ai pu réaliser un site Internet qui a vraiment une identité bien à lui, clairement définie et reconnaissable grâce à la démarche du Personal Branding."

Marianne Gassel (www.athanor.com)
"J’ai un métier que j’aime et pratique bien mais il m’a toujours été très difficile de réussir à me faire connaître et à gagner de l’argent (…) Travailler avec Benoit est un grand plaisir : il fait montre d’une grande qualité d’écoute, il tient compte de chaque élément pour reprendre ce qui peut servir dans l’expression de mon projet. Je suis enchantée de l’approche que propose le Personal Branding."