“Chaque homme doit inventer son chemin.”Jean-Paul Sartre

Personal Branding: approach

The process of Personal Branding is for all who need to showcase their talents in order to develop activities that connect who they are with what they do, whether they be employees, executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, artists or politicians.

It involves 3 main steps:

  1. Discover: find the jewel that is within you, the jewel in the rough.
  2. Communicate: polish this gem, make it shine for make it shine for all to see.
  3. Radiate: cut and set the stone so that its finest features are displayed to most powerful effect, in a form that can be worn every day.

For each stage, tools and special support will help to reveal the components of our personality and our professional development, create links and ensure the coherence of the whole.

Revealing your personal brand means applying to yourself all the principles that make a brand strong, rich and easily identifiable.